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Project description

Sports, and team sports in particular, offer so much more than just physical activity. Team sports develop team spirit, strengthen communication skills, teach cohesion, perseverance and self-confidence. Social skills are not only relevant on the playing field of various sports, but also play a major role in everyday life.

Teamsport Rhein-Main GmbH has been one of our customers since the end of 2012. The website we created 10 years ago was redesigned by our graphic designer Mrs. Eremita-Jäger in spring this year.

The contemporary overall concept is based on current team sports colors, a clear white and a fresh, bright cyan shade. Large images, clear video sequences in the header and informative texts provide the user with a comprehensive user experience. Our Ms. Jakob created and revised texts and took SEO measures to achieve a better ranking for relevant search queries.

Further measures for a stronger visibility of Teamsport Rhein-Main GmbH, was the creation of a Google company profile. Ms. Jakob also fully supports the client in the area of social media.

To the website: teamsport-rhein-main.de
To the blog post: Teamsport Rhein-Main recently went live with a redesign!

The design

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