Instagram Reels and GIFs for LOBERON – Reference

Project description

Your own four walls are a place of safety and security, simply a place to feel good. They reflect one’s taste, personality and lifestyle.

LOBERON helps to create an individual ambience for living, dining, bathroom, bedroom and garden with a selection of high-quality interior and exceptional decorative accessories. Loberon classifies itself in the style of living between classic, country and Mediterranean.

satware AG has been serving Loberon for many years. For Instagram, for example, various GIFs were created that can be used in Stories by both LOBERON and fans. Most recently, primarily Ms. Jesser designed creative reels for given thematic worlds, taking into account the current corporate design.

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Instagram: loberon_en
To the blog post: LOBERON went live today with facelift

The design

Instagram Reels

LOBERON Instagram Reels

Oriental autumn

Garden party

Winter collection

Pumpkin time

Instagram GIFs

LOBERON Instagram GIFs