Johannes Centrum Osthofen

Flyer design and photo shooting at the Johannes Centrum Osthofen

Project description

Throughout life and as we age, everyone’s needs and opportunities change due to age-related limitations and health challenges.

Nursing homes are designed to provide a safe and secure environment in which residents are cared for. Finding the right nursing home for parents is an emotional concern not only for relatives, but also, of course, for the future resident himself.

Qualified nursing care, medical care and a functioning community are essential.

Ms. Eremita-Jäger was on site at the Johannes Centrum in Osthofen for the photo shoot. Mr. Hackmer assisted her as a photo assistant. This resulted in a large number of images for the client, which were used for two flyers, among other things.

The design of the flyers was adapted to the website of the Johannes Centrum. This resulted in a flyer on “Safely cared for – around the clock” and a flyer on “Feeling at home & safe”.

To the website:

The design

Flyer design Johannes Centrum Osthofen

Flyer design Johannes Centrum Osthofen

Flyer design for a retirement home

Flyer design Johannes Centrum Osthofen

Impressions from the photo shoot